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Ello – My Ad-Free Social Network

By 25/02/2015 Websites & Blogs

ello ad-free social network

Have you ever heard of the social network, Ello? There has been a lot of hype around it lately as its user base is expanding into the millions. Ello was created to offer people an ad-free alternative to other social media networks. One of Ello’s big promises was never to sell user data to 3rd parties. So far, they’ve kept that promise.

Here are a three reasons why Ello is awesome & you should join it.

It’s ad-free. Forget about “Miriam, you might like this” suggestions in your feed. Don’t get me wrong they can be helpful and sometimes I do discover a brand I haven’t heard of before. Although 9 times out of 10 I will mute the ad. I must actually spend most of my time muting stuff when scrolling down my Facebook feed. It takes up way too much time and can get very annoying. With Ello I decide what & who I want to see.

Join a creative community. I find that most users of Ello have very unique profiles. They’re interesting, creative and a bit wacky. The kind of community that makes social media fun. Posts don’t feel like self-promotion or profiling. Anything goes but there is an unspoken rule about respect and good content creation.

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How to decorate your shelves

By 22/02/2015 Interior, Resources

how to decorate your shelves

Have you ever found yourself in awe of beautifully decorated shelves? I’ve done this many times. Within interior design I find shelves one of the most difficult pieces to decorate because everything is open on display. Long gone are the days of kids’ room shelves where it was all about storing away my books and getting stuff out of the way. If done well, shelves can highlight beautifully bound books, groups of ornaments and truly lift the atmosphere of a room. Below are some ideas how I think this could be achieved.

Grouping. You can apply classic design rules to decorating your shelves like the rule of pairs. Take a couple of vases – are they of different shapes, sizes or colours? Then why not group them together on a shelf. You could try the same with plants or candles.

Colours. I love a bit of colour coordination. I’ve done this with books in my guest room and sorted them by colour. You could try the same on shelves. Let’s say you want to inject a corner in your living room with some fresh orange. Have a look around your home and see which small items, whether books, ornaments or plants have this colour and see if they could look good together on your new shelf.

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