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Optimising Your Blog Traffic & Engagement – Basic Tools

By 28/01/2015 Resources

optimising your blog traffic and engagement basic tools

Whether you’ve just started a blog, or have been part of the community for a while, tracking performance & engagement can help you optimise your content and the way you share it. I thought I’d put together a list with basic tools which I use to analyse & optimise my blog content.

Google Analytics. This tool is a blog performance superhero. Not only can you see referral traffic to your site meaning where visitors come from prior to visiting your blog but it also contains some content insights into how each of your pages are performing. Where people engage (see avg. time on site & session time) and where they bounce (see bounce rate). Another cool feature? If your blog runs on WordPress, Blogger or Typepad, search for Google Analytics plugins which can be integrated in your dashboard to give you stats without having to login externally. Is it free? Yes, the basic version is free and totally sufficient for 99% of bloggers.

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In Conversation With. The Grates

By 25/01/2015 in conversation with.

This week’s post puts the spotlight on one of the coolest couples in Australia, Patience Hodgson and John Patterson.


Who are Patience & John?

The couple are part of the 3-piece indie rock band, The Grates. Aside from their musical careers, Patience & John opened the Southside Tea Room in Morningside, Brisbane in 2012.

Southside Tea Room vs Camp Hill 50s paradise…

“I realised that doing even small things like taking the cupboard doors off in the kitchen, changed how I felt about the whole house”, says Patience. The renovation process of her 1950s four-bedroom domicile in Camp Hill, Brisbane was a labour of love to architecture because, similarly to Southside Tea Room, the couple tried to maintain as much of their home’s history & style as possible.

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